Pintores – Pinterest-style WordPress Theme
Pintores - Pinterest-style Wordpress Theme - Pinterest

Pintores – Pinterest-style WordPress Theme

Pintores – Pinterest-style WordPress Theme

Features of Pintores – Pinterest-style WordPress Theme

  • Responsive

    Pintores is fully responsive. Serve a better experience for your mobile visitors.

  • Post Formats

    Music tracks, videos, images, photo galleries, quotes, links and normal posts, all there waiting for you!

  • Favorites

    Let your users mark their favorite posts with this built-in feature.
  • Powerful Options

    We would need a whole new website just to list how powerful and versatile Pintores is! One thing is for granted, no two Pintores websites look the same!

    • Theme Options

      Instead of making things harder than they already are, we provide only the most important options. Let’s keep things simple.

    • Localization

      Tired of translating strings of text inside each template file? We use translation files. Just edit one file and you are good to go.

    • Cross-browser Compatibility

      Unlike the competition, we make sure our themes work in every modern browser out there. Including Internet Explorer 7 (not so modern).

    • Shortcodes

      We created a small set of often used things like buttons, columns, dividers etc. Lock-in effect? Nope. Available through a plugin.

    • Custom Menus

      Available in WordPress 3.0+, custom menus is a great way to manage the navigation systems available in our themes. Very easy to use.

    • HTML5 / CSS3

      We believe modern WordPress themes should be using modern technologies. Every theme in our catalogue is based on HTML5 / CSS3 (progressively).

    • Color variations

      What’s your favorite color? If you ask us, well, we don’t know yet. That’s why we provide our themes with various color schemes.

    • Support

      We work really hard to keep things simple. There are moments that you may need help though. Just use our forum and we will be more than happy to help.

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