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Full color customization Every color in the theme can be customized by the user right from the administration panel with just a couple clicks. Avoid looking trough hundreds of CSS lines, Magzimus has made it really easy for you to customize your site. Beautiful image slider At the end, your content is the most important feature of your site and it should be displayed prominently. Magzimus allows you to set a gorgeous slider right on your front page so you can show your visitors your most relevant content. The slider is also extremely easy to use, just click a checkbox on your write panel when you are publishing a new entry and the theme takes care of the rest. Responsive Version for smartphomes The theme will automatically switch to an appropriate version on mobile devices so your readers can enjoy a better experience that is more apt to their phones. It’s like getting two themes for the price of one. Automatic image resizing Making several versions of each image you are trying to post should be considered a crime and a waste of time. With Magzimus all you need to do is add a large image and it will take care of automatically resizing it to use in the previews and the slider. Of course, if you prefer to add your own versions, you are also welcome to do it and Magzimus allows you to. Paged Navigation Multi-page navigation is easier to use for your visitors than the usual Next page / Last page links and that is exactly why it is included as the prefered way to navigate the archives in Magzimus. Facebook integration Facebook comments are built-inn and you can use them instead of the usual wordpress commenting system or you can display both of them ate the same time. A facebook page widget is also included. Twitter integration Send automatic notifications every time you publish a new post or grab your twitter feed and display it on the site. Magzimus leverages the power of social media and allows you to easily connect to a twitter account. Now with Oauth support!. Built-in Widgets The default WordPress widgets are a bit limited and that is why Magzimus includes more powerful versions of some. No installation required, just drag and drop them to your sidebar. Shortcodes Magzimus is built on the idea of letting users who do not have coding experience customize their themes as much as they want. On of the features included to achieve this are shortcodes. Little text snippets that replace the need for HTML code in your content. Add galleries to your posts, typographic elements, tabular data, alert boxes and buttons, all without needing to learn any complicated syntax. Multi-language support The theme supports standard language localisation. English and Spanish language packs are included at the moment and more will be added in the future. 8 alternative backgrounds If you don’t like the default background that is included, you can use one of the other eight options that are available to you with your download. If you don’t like any of those either, you can always use your own as well. Developer tools Magzimus lets you customize the look and feel of your site without the need to have any programming experience, however, if you ARE a developer and want to take your site even further, Magzimus includes some great tools like a custom CSS editor where you can add styles directly from the admin panel, this way, you won’t have to touch the theme’s css files and next time the theme is updated, you will be able to upgrade without worrying about losing your changes. Constantly updated New versions are released constantly to stay up to date with the latest WordPress version. New features are added as well.

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